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    Talking Low intensity cardio

    In recent years low intensity cardio has been bashed right into the grownd.

    But many times i read the post here and lots of you guys do low intensity.

    I find this great since i still have back pains and that would suit me fine, even if i hate stationnary bike and treadmill walking.

    My goal is to develop a good muscular body, i try to eat around 120g of carbs a day, coming from oat meal ( natural no sugared brand), whole wheat bread and other low glycemic carbs.

    I eat around 160-200g of protein a day, coming from 3 whey shakes, cottage cheese, chicken and tuna, whole eggs.

    My fat comes from flax oil and eggs yokes.

    I train with weight 3 times a week try to get perfect forms and lift heavy my range is between 6-10 reps. Split is Legs, chest and back , arms and delts.

    I do legs are done day 1, back and chest day 2, then its 2 days off and i do arms after then its another 2 days off and repeat.

    How much cardio should i do to burn around 5 pounds of fat that i have gained, and will low intensity help me do that since i cant run or stair master?
    When should i do my cardio and make sure not to burn up muscles and also i have read many times that doing cardio on an empty stomach might not be a good idea, saw this on the AST website.

    Supplements i use are whey protein, multi vit, flax oil, and creatine mixed in water to avoid bloating.


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    Cardio a.m. on EMPTY is totally fine AS LONG as one knows how to eat to support lean mass preservation/gain the other 23+ hours of the day. Those who say a.m. cardio is catabolic, don't know how to do this.


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    I believe am empty stomach too but I also think you can still have a no-carb protein only water drink to help offset some possible muscle wasting, others may disagree. The AST is trying to get you the consumer to purchase their supplement line!

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    Yes Blue Thunder i know that AST is going that route, LOL , i have asked Jeff Willet once the best way to take glutamine and i got me taking nearly 40g a day. LOL.

    Thanks you very much guys and i will make sure to try this.

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