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    Question need help on calves????plz

    aight bros i need some help here on my ******* calves i work my ass off in the gym and everything seems to get big but my calves i mean there getting there but iono i just need a lil advice on how many days to train them out of the week and what kinda exersises to do for them if yall have ne advice for me that would be great... thanks a bunch

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    bump, my calves are in desparate need as well!!!

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    read a lot of articles that say everyday. IMO 3 * a week.. best excercise IMO.. stand on the back of the incline bench.. on the platform. stand as wide as possible.. toes are the only thing on the platform.. then go all the way down until heels hit the ground then all the way up.. do about 20-30.. then do narrow.. feet right together... find it amazin!!!

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    my calves have always responded best to a combo of weight training and plyometrics....

    i go heavy, and through a full range of motion on all exercises...then on another day, i'll do plyos. good stuff right there.

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    my calfs suck too. i can squat 600 but my calfs are sticks. i dont knwo what is up!!?? i am just going to keep workign them they got to grow sometime!!

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    with most people i have seen with small calfs work there ass off to get them bigger with no luck. i have realy big calfs and have worked them maybe 5 times in my life. Think calfs are the genetic muscle hehe

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    ya i agree, ive seen people work them out for 3 years straight and you cant even see there calf, its all about genetics!!!

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    There was a really really great post on here earlier this year about how to get great calves. It was a work out designed for skiers but was tweaked for bodybuilding and it was intense to say the least. It was a 3 day routine that hit short/heavy sets, and long/light sets.

    I will see if I can find it on here, or if any of you other bros know what I'm talking about can you throw it up here.

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