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    Does this bennefit me ?

    Do you think that if I done my workouts on 3 connsecutive days that it would have the same effect as doing it with days apart ? I ask because with me having a time problem sometimes this is the only way Iam able to train.

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    It is better than nothing so in that regard yes it will benefit you.

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    i like to space my workouts with 2 days of rest in between, or if it is a chest day, then a leg day i will rest only 1 day

    very rarely do i go every day, i like to give my body plenty of time to recover, you may be different, so listen to your body

    i think you will find that over a long period of time training every day will make you very burnt out, but if you can make it work then more power to you

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    i think its best to space them apart, i mean if u have days to space them apart then do it.

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