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    weight belt info?

    hey...can someone help explain (or know of a site) showing the different style of belts and what should be used / why etc


    anyone know of a good site for ordering belts too?

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    You wear a lifting belt to help stabilize your core/lower spine lumbar. Many do not use them but I recommend them for the heavest sets. The negative side is supposidly they can weaken or limit the supporting/auxcillary muscles but I am not too sure about that. The way they work is the belt helps the abdominals to push against creating support and inner as pressures. Having increased pressure helps prevent high flexion of the lumbar vertebrate while maintaining a good form/posture. You do not need it when using lighter weights but is a must IMO performing compound movements such as deads, squats.

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    as above, only use a belt on your heavy sets.

    It also depends how you use a belt as to what help it will give, some people do a belt up tight and use it to support the lower back whilst myself i do not do it up all that tight, and use it as something to push the muscles against, to support the area.

    Can't remember who told me to do it that way, but when i changed i noticed adifference straight away, instead of flexing your abs and trying to suck you gut in, some push out instead to keep it tight.

    Should be able to get a belt from most sports shops, or any online shop, don't get one that is too narrow though, but thats just my preference for comfort

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    Here's the site:

    The two "Tapered Bodybuilding" belts are for Olympic style lifting and overhead lifting(push presses, military presses, jerks etc). They don't do much in the way of lending support for deadlifts, squats, shrugs etc. These belts sopt you from leaning backward too far.

    The other belts that are not tapered are made for squats, deadlift and any exercise you need support from leaning too far forward. This also gives the same support for all of the overhead lifting as the other belt does.

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