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    Question some help please?

    I want to get size but loose weight at the same time!!!!

    I am 6'1", 220,and 18% bf I would like to be at about 200 and 10-12%bf.

    A good diet and workout plan is what I need, anything I can can from you guys would be greatly appreicated!!!!

    what I do now is:

    I take 3 Lean System 7
    Drink 16 oz water
    1 cup Black Coffee

    I run 3-5 miles

    I eat 3 hard boiled eggs
    1 cup of fresh fruit
    and take 1 B-Complex 50 and 1 vitamin C 2000

    I drink a Nitro-Tech shake

    take 3 lean system 7

    I eat A 6" tuna on wheat w/ lettuce and tomato
    And a steamed Veggie

    Nitro tech shake

    dinner Chicken, Beef, Or Pork (the Leanest Cut i can buy)
    Steamed Veggies on white rice

    Gym Chest: Flat DB Bench 40lbsX15, 45lbsX12, 50lbsX10, 55lbsX8, 60lbsX6
    Incline DB Flyes 3 sets 40lbsX8
    Decline bench 115lbsX10, 120lbsX8, 125lbsX6
    Shoulders: Standing DB press 30lbsX12, 35lbsX10, 40lbsX8, 45lbsX6
    Side Raises 3 Set 20lbsX10
    Triceps: Lying DB Extensions 4 sets 20lbsX10
    Reverse grip Extensions 3 sets 90lbsX10

    Back: One arm DB Row 3 sets 75lbsX10
    Reverse grip Pulldowns 120lbsX12, 130lbsX10, 140lbsX8
    Biceps: Incline DB Curl 35lbsX15, 40LbsX12, 45lbsX10
    Standing Cable Curl 3 sets 75lbsX10
    Barbell Curl 3 sets 65lbsX10

    Legs: I work legs real light Because I have to run so much every Morning ( I am in the Marine Corps and they make Us run everyday)
    ABS: Every type of crunch or AB Machine they Have in the Gym
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    Quote Originally Posted by sammycasper
    I want to get size but loose weight at the same time!!!!

    Choose one goal as the focus, you'll have a much easier time.

    Diet needs MAJOR attention for whatever the focus ends up being, check out the diet forum here.


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    Can't lose some b/f at running 3-5 miles a day? Must be diet related so I would suggest since your maybe at Kedena Air base in Okinawa, Japan try eating the traditional Okinawin diet daily if possible. They have some of the lowest obesity rates in the world..

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