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    Noo Yawk

    Trying That 1 Part A Day Workout, Opinions?

    I realized if i worked out one body part a day, I could give that part a more intense workout; and my diet would essentially be better. I'm the type to usually eat enough protein on my work out days, but not on my off days, I figure if I have almost no off days I'll be eating enough protein almost every day... Anyway, with that said, what does everyone think?

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    Swellin Guest
    I used this method for quite some time. The only problem is that you feel you need to be in the gym for an hour, and you end up overtraining like a mda man! I overtrained every friggin body part for two years solid. It resulted in minimal growth and maximum injury.

    This split works great, just get in, hit it, and get out. Be very mindful of the fact that you will be inticed to overtrain.

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    I have done that & still incorporate it every so often. Like Swellin said watch to overtrain that part. As far as your protein I think you need to maintain it on your off days perhaps more so than workout days as you grow resting. I bump up the carbs on training days but less on rest days.

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    i currently use that method, but make sure i have a few days in between chest and shoulders. i seems to work ok for me but im definitely no expert and im sure my results will be better when i get my diet perfected

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