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    Please Critique My Workout

    Hey guy's, I needed some opinions on my workout. I'm currently in the process of cutting up, keeping as much of my muscle as possible. Is this a good basis for a cutting or, heck, even a maintainence/bulking plan? Thanks. My cruckial questions happen to be in bold.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Dynasty
    I have a question pertaining to these compound movements. I've actually noticed that the right side of my body is stronger (and in some cases shows up a little more muscular) than my *EDIT--LEFT* side. I still want to incorporate compound movements in my workout, ya know, because I know how they hit a ton of other body parts. What can I do in order to incorporate compound movements yet still make sure i'm not getting stronger on one side (apparently my right side)? Take a quick look at my workout plan below, if need be. Here's what my workout week looks like (incorporating some of SwoleCat's ideas):

    ***Note***I always increase weight as I move on to the next set
    M:Back and Bis
    BB Bent Deads: 12 (warmup), 8, 8, 8/6 (depending how heavy)
    Pulldowns: 8, 8, 8/6
    Seated Row (on a machine where I load plates on each side): 8, 8, 8
    DB Shurgs: 3 x 10

    Do you have any suggestions for a solid bicep workout on this day?

    T:Chest, Tris, and Abs
    DB Flat Bench: 12 (wu), 8, 8, 8/6
    DB Incline Bench: 8, 8, 8/6
    DB Flies: 3 x 10

    Do you have any suggestions for a solid tricep workout on this day?


    BB 1/2 to 3/4 Squats: 12 (wu), 3 x 10
    BB Stiff-Legged Deads: 3 x 8
    DB Lunges: 3 x 8
    Standing/Sitting Calf Raises (alternate weekly): 3 x 10

    F:Shoulders and Abs
    DB Military Press: 12 (wu), 8, 8, 8/6
    DB Arnolds: 2 x 8
    DB Lateral Raises: 3 x 8
    DB Bent-Over Lateral Raises: 3 x 8

    I've tried to incorporate some of the basic guidelines I've seen in your posts (ie reps, sets, compound exercises, etc)--does my split/workouts look right in achieving my goals of cutting/looking proportionate?
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    Iso curls
    Hammer curls

    Skull crushers
    overhead DB

    The intensity of your workout will determine wether it's a cutting or muscle stimulating exercise.

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    Thanks, Pork Chop.

    I'm bumping this for more pointers, though

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