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    Ankle pain on legpress

    once i get over 300kgs (660lbs) i often find i get a nagging pain in my ankles, nothing bad just a little discomfort. Once i rack the weight theres almost an explosive pain and my ankles begin to hurt more and more. It feels like there almost broken. This continues for a minute or two and is really painful. When i get really anal on my foot positioning it isnt quite as bad but it's still present. Does this mean i cant ever do heavier leg presses or am i just doing something wrong

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    It could be a flexibility issue, other than that, I do not know~

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    Explosive pain is abnormal. The ankle is a multi-joint so can be affected by the usual sprains, tendinitis and just inflammation. When doin the leg press your ankle is in a dorsiflexion extension(towards you) vs plantarflexion (away) so it could evan be bones rubbing. Small hairline fractures too. If its warm and inflammed it could be a typical sprain or tendinitis. Best bet is drop the weight as your body is trying to talk to you. Get a professional opinion and check for gout which is crystals forming in the joint caused by excessive uric acid which is a by-product of breakdown of aminos which the kidneys cannot excrete. Very High protein intake can cause this.

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