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Thread: Overtrainned?

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    Question Overtrainned?

    Hey guys, beeen trying my routine for about 6 weeks, took a full week off to rest.

    Mon - Chest/Try
    Tues - Legs
    Thur - Shoulders/Neck
    Frid - Back/Bys

    I was skiping legs cause I didn't have energy and couldn't kick this cold. So I was trying to do Mon, Thur, and friday only. Well I think Since it took 6 weeks to kick the cold and going to the gym was getting hard that I was overtraining. So I'm thinking of just doing a rotation schedule using what I have, but only going every second day. Only extra thing is I'm thinking of taking 2 days off after the leg workout. Heres how it would go....

    Day 1 - Chest/Try
    Day 2 - off
    Day 3 - Legs/Abs
    Day 4 - off
    Day 5 - off
    Day 6 - Shoulders/Neck
    Day 7 - off
    Day 8 - Back/Bys
    Day 9 - off
    Day 10 - Chest/Try <-- Starting over

    Is this spread out too much, I make sure to push it all I got when I go. I was also doing 4 sets for everything. 15 for warmup, 10 another light set, 8 harder, 6 failure. I am now doing 3 sets, first one being warmup, second being a light pump and third going to failure.

    What do you guys think?

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    i dont think you'd work out enough w/ that've got way too many off days between your first chest day and your next. try this:

    Day 1: Chest
    Day 2: Legs
    Day 3: OFF
    Day 4: Shoulders/tris
    Day 5: Back/Bis
    Day 6: OFF
    Day 7:REPEAT

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    but that brings me right back to the same routine i had..... like I said it seemsed that I wasnt getting enough rest and by the end it was starting to drain me out....

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    Unless your taking gear, workout no more than four times per week. Not more than an hour, if you can't get a hard workout in an hour, stop talking. Other than that try adding drop sets to your workout 4 sets 10,8,6, failure. If you do this I guarantee you will get stonger, keep me posted

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    whatever works best for you, but i dont understand why your taking 2 days off after legs?? Most people do 1 bodypart every 7 days. Actually, i believe, that depending on your recovery, sleep and nutrition,3-4 days would be good. Your taking 10 days. You may be stimulating your chest well enough for 7 days, but i doubt your going to gain any size resting 10 days. I like the 2 on, 1off split.
    There could be other variables causing you to fatigue. Are you getting 7-8 hours of sleep? Is your diet and supplementation solid? If not, these will cause you to drain out. Do you think your just bored of your routine? Try changing up your schedule. Maybe change the time of your workout. Change up your routine all together. Mix back and chest or shoulders and tris. Change the intensity of your workout. Go low reps,4-6, one week, and high reps, 10-12 the next. Or emplement both in your routine. There are many ways you can change your routine. Dont automatically think that you need to take more days of rest. Maybe you need a week off completely to mentally and physically recup.

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    Thank again for the sugestions guys. My diet is very good, I stick to it prety hard. Sleep I konw I can get a little more and I'm working on it as we speak. I just feel like I need that extra little time inbetween workouts to let my muscles grow. When I do a mon tues or thur frid, the second day I always feel much more week and tired, thats the reason I think I need more rest inbetween.

    I was looking around and found the DC method, I think I might give that a shot.... Prety much the recoop time i'm looking for and it should give my body that extra little shock it needs. Guess I'm going to have to read all the posts about it here.

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