Hi All,

It was fairly leisurely in the recent past where I had a lot of time to devote to training, being able to train anytime, any day of the week indiscriminantly etc. However I am starting work next week and I need to change my split to suit. I used to have good results when doing a 5-day split around 2-3 years ago and plan to do so again. I do not fear overtraining as I won't be going for an hour or so like I have been, I will be going for around 40 minutes. How is this split:

Mon: Chest and Abs
Tue: Back and Calves
Wed: Shoulders and Abs
Thursday: Quads/Hams
Friday: Arms and Abs

A few reasons I though about doing it as above
- abs 3x a week as that is what they respond to best. I have tried everything from once every 2 weeks to every day, and 3x a week has worked best for me
- chest followed by back as there are no major opposing groups
- shoulders on wednesday as this is not an very heavy workout so it's a bit of a respite between heavy back and heavy legs
- arms on friday, well out of the way of chest/back to prevent overtraining to the bis/tris

How does that look? Workout will be short and intense. 30-40 minutes, with maybe 10-15 minutes light cardio (which I always find to be important to me, and cannot be separated unfortunately due to time constraints).


PS. If you need me to describe the actual exercises/sets let me know, perhaps that may need some tweaking.