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    Wanna Lose 35 pounds

    What is a SAFE way to do that. I am starting to eat more Chicken and Venison and want to join a gym. What kind of workout or diet would prove to have the most benifits for me.

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    Glad to see that you want to shred up bro

    Check this thread out, UNoffical "How to Cut" thread and sample diet...
    It will outline a proper cutting diet for you, make the alterations you feel are necessary to suit you, your goals, and your body type.... compose a diet of your own, laid out in a similar way, and the gurus of the diet forum here will help critique it for you...

    Additionally, cardio 5 days a week or so will definitely help you shred some fat bro...
    Get up in the AM, and perform PROPER cardio, for 40-60 minutes, at 65%-75% HR...
    Do this on an empty stomach as well, and try your best not to eat anything until 45minutes later, or so...

    Medium weight training will also benefit you, as the more muscle you have, the easier it will be for you to lose fat...

    Stay away from anabolics, or clen /DNP /T3 right now, and stick to perfecting your diet plan, as that is what's most important...

    Motivation is a key thing, so be sure to come here for your daily dose!

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    As far as workouts that is hard to say as people respond different to the many training protocols. Start with machines for 3 months doing your cardio too ie. at a separate time frame if possible. Then move on to free weights lifting light light working your way up after some time. That is depended on you and how your body responds. The one element that is constant is the diet, that is just as important if not more so than the training aspect. Go to diet forum for help. If your going to succeed you have to change your lifestyle. Good luck

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    Muscle consumes nutrients even at rest. So, adding muscle increases your ability to "burn off" your bodyfat. So, obviously training heavy is important. Keeping the protein intake high, at least 1gm per pound of bodyweight, daily, is important for adding lean mass.

    Cardio or other dynamic methods of increasing activity and expending energy, are important but are not the absolute key thing. I forget how many miles you have to run to "burn off" one big mac, but it is pretty friggin far. It is much more efficient to simply eat less than it is to add more cardio. Nevertheless, you should be engaging in as much physical activity as your day allows within reason. Little things like never taking the elevator, parking at the edge of the parking lot or walking to/from the grocery store or work, all are good. Cardio is overrated but that doesn't mean it serves no purpose. A few miles of road work every week are a good thing and is a very healthy activity. For a change of pace from heavy weight training you can do a session of circuit training once or twice a week. I would concentrate on the free weight hypertrophy-specific training, though. That ought to be your focus, training-wise.

    As far as diet goes, I assume you keep track of your total calories and your grams of protein, fat, and carbs, so I won't get big on that. But a good rule of thumb is to cut out all processed sugars and most highly processed carbs except immediately after training. The insulin spike that results is great for protein uptake enhancement post-workout but will contribute to fat storage any other time. Processed sweet stuff, White bread, white rice, etc should be the first things to eliminate when looking for calories to cut. Fats are not your enemy, necessarily. In fact you need some healthy fats and even some "unhealthy" fats for building muscle. Just remember that fat is much more calorie dense than protein or carbs.

    Track your body weight carefully. You want to limit your loss to a couple of pounds a week, and as you get leaner, a pound per week or so. That preserves as much muscle as possible while losing the fat. This is a very small and difficult amount to measure, since taking a whiz or taking a dump or simply having high hydration levels etc can throw you off by several pounds. The thing to do is to weigh yourself every morning, always at the same time relative to your morning dump etc. Maybe right after your morning whiz and before your dump. Graph your weight daily on a chart. Draw a STRAIGHT LINE through the points, so that it comes as near as possible to as many points as possible. This gives you a running average, and your "virtual weight" will be the point on this line that corresponds with the current day. This helps you to see what is really going on underneath the ordinary daily fluctuations.

    Obviously, if you are not losing like you want, you reduce your total calories. The best way, of course, is by reducing the carbs, generally. If you are losing too quickly, well, you know what to do!

    Some folks find a "cheat day" once a week or so is beneficial. YMMV.

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