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    Sets and reps for kneeling cable crunches?

    What rep range do you guys do kneeling cable crunches?

    I was gonna do one of the three, 15,12,10 or 12,10,8 or 10,8,6. All while increasing the weight each set.

    Which one would be best and why?

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    Everyone seems to have their own style, especially when it comes to abs. I do my kneeling cable crunches with three sets of 15. I take very short breaks, like 20-30 seconds in between my ab sets, and that seems to work better for me. But to answer your question, if you are wanting long lean abs, I would go with more reps, and less reps for mass.

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    Screw the reps on this one...go with the feel..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluethunder
    Screw the reps on this one...go with the feel..
    right u are sir.. i can get away with 15, bc i get my reps extremely focused and precise. so i dont have ot do as many... nice and controlled, but ill do them more if im not feeling the right way at 15..

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    The rep schemes you have are basically set for your desired training adaptation. Higher reps = muscular endurance, moderate reps = muscular hypertrophy, and lower reps = muscular strength. During your training cycle, you spend the most time on your desired goal.

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