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    Question (Is This A Good Workout Program?) Proper newbie needs your help.....

    Please see the workout program I've submitted in my 2nd post below - Thanks

    I spent hours reading the forums here last night to try and learn about roids having previously known almost nothing. After reading hundreds of posts it seems that they would be inappropriate and pointless for someone in my position - a newbie to serious training.

    So I went looking on other sites for some decent advice on putting together a workout program that will maximise my gains but I can't find any decent free advice.

    I'm 24, 6'6", and 196lbs - i.e. not much meat on me yet. I want to gain a lot of bulk all round and I'm willing to work hard for it. I joined my university gym a couple of months ago and have been hard at it since but I don't have a proper program sorted.

    I would be really grateful for some advice on which exercises to do, in what order, how many sets & how many reps. (I have read the workout FAQs). If there's somewhere else I could find this info please tell me.

    Thanks for your help & patience, Gads
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    Sounds like you want to bulk, right?? If so, go to bulking sticky to get an example. Make a routine up and post it. We will critique it for you! You say your willing to do the work, you realize that just doesnt mean in the gym. You also need to be on a bulking diet. Go to that sticky as well in the diet forum. Formulate a bulking diet there, and post it, and it will be critiqued as well. You have to formulate these, dont expect us to do that for you, its your body. We're here for advice so do the formulations and we will definitely help you. Good luck!!!!

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    Make a bulking diet, and do some basic bulk exercises(heavy benches, ect.)

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    Is This A Good Workout Plan?

    (Sorry 6_pak, I can't find the bulking sticky. could you post a link please?)

    I've been to & there are loads of different plans suggested there - far too many. This one looked quite interesting though - it's called the S.A.I.S. (Specific Adaption to Imposed Stress) Program.

    Days Per Week: 4

    Monday: Chest, biceps

    Bench press (free weights, barbell) 3 sets 6 reps
    Incline press (free weights, barbell) 2 sets 10 reps
    Vertical bench press (machine) 1 set 20 reps Barbell curls (shoulder wide grip) 3 sets 6 reps
    Dumbbell curls (seated) 2 sets 10 reps
    EZ-barbell curls (narrow grip) 1 set 20 reps

    Tuesday: Legs

    Squats (free weights, barbell) - 3 sets 6 Reps
    Leg press (machine) - 2 sets 10 Reps
    Hack squats (machine) - 1 set 20 Reps

    Thursday: Shoulders, triceps

    Behind the neck press (free weights, barbell) 3 sets 6 reps
    Standing upright rows (free weights, EZ-barbell) 2 sets 10 reps
    Front overhead press (machine) 1 set 20 reps
    Lying triceps press (free weights, EZ-barbell) 3 sets 6 reps
    Overhead triceps press (free weights, EZ-barbell) 2 sets 10 reps
    Triceps pushdown (machine, cable) 1 set 20 reps

    Friday: Back, calves

    Front latpulldown (machine, shoulder wide grip) 3 sets 6 reps
    Seated cable rows (machine, narrow grip) 2 sets 10 reps
    Dumbbell rows (one arm at a time) 1 set 20 reps
    Standing calf raises (machine) 3 sets 6 reps
    Seated calf raises (machine) 2 sets 10 reps
    Bend-over calf raises (machine) 1 set 20 reps

    I don't actually know what all of these exercises are but I'll look up the ones I don't know... Would be really grateful for some feedback on this one.

    Also thanks guys for the emphasis on diet - I was going to mention it on the original post but thought it best to deal with one thing at a time. I'll post a suggestion when I've got the workout program sorted.

    Cheers, Gads

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