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Thread: starting legs

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    starting legs

    I was talking to a friend today at the gym and he was telling me about a little about legs. Now I usually never workout my legs(cause i have bad knees), like maybe once a month and when I do I dont work them out that hard. But the last few weeks I have been noticing my upper body is getting to big for my lower body. He told me tho if I start working out my legs I will probably put on some good weight. Is this true, would I be able to maybe put on like 10-15lbs in a few months if I started training them like once a week along with a good diet.
    thanks bros

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    You should definitly do legs. I wouldn't recommend any program without them. And as far as a weight gain, they are a very large muscle group and they hold a lot of mass so it wouldnt be hard to add some pounds to your body with a leg increase. Plus, by doing squats they work your entire body and they work many stabilizers and hit many other muscle groups then just legs. Sticking to basic compounds (squat, bench, deads) are your best bets for packing on some pounds.

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