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    Opinions most appreciated-Should I add a flat bench to my home gym? (pic incl)

    I train at home. For the past few years I have exclusively done incline barbell presses because "everybody" seemed to favor them over flat benches. I use a power cage and a Hammer Strength 30* bench for incline presses, but the way I made my cage doesn't allow me to do flat benches. It wouldn't take much to make an olympic flat bench (I have 12 days off for Christmas so it's the perfect time) or maybe buy one used in Toronto if the price was right. Should I get a flat bench so I can switch between flat and incline presses? Here is a pic of the bench I have in mind. Very simple design unlike the Hammer Strength olympic flat bench.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Opinions most appreciated-Should I add a flat bench to my home gym? (pic incl)-icarian-oly-bench-2.jpg  

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    you should try to hit your chest from all angles. everyone i know incorporates flat bench somewhere in their routine. actually i've never heard of anyone who lifts weights but doesnt use the flat bench.

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    I would add flat bench to your routine and do both flat and incline on a regular basis to work all areas of your chest to the full extent.

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    Yes, adding a different stimulus is what you want for strength/growth.

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    Flat bench is the base for my chest routine. Get it!

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    Not to sound redundant, but, adding the flat bench would give you more versitility in your workouts. I say get it. I bought a used flat bench with 300lbs of olympic bars and weights out of a local paper for $100. What a deal.

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