I wanted to tell everyone what my workout routine was this week to get some responses. Now i'm not a fan of working every bodypart twice a week and i usually workout 4 or 5 times per week at 60-75 min sessions. But this next week im going on vacation for 7 days and want be able to workout, besides cruches and pushups everyday. I do believe proper recovery time is crutial in building muscle. This week i decided to hit everything twice.
Mon. and Fri.
Chest = 12 sets
Bis = 8 sets
Tues. and sat.
Quads= 12 sets
Hams= 8 sets
Calves=7 sets
Shoulders= 12 sets
Tris= 8 sets
Back= 16 sets
traps= 6sets
Calves=9 sets
Shoulders= 11sets
Back= 12
Traps= 6
Tris= 6 sets

I know this is an asinine workout routine and i would never implement this in to my regular routine, but I feel pretty good, especially today after over 40 sets. I might add, my workouts never go beyond 75 mins. So i guess you could consider Today's workout HIT. The pumps were unbelievable and my weights didnt decrease much at all. I guess i a havent given my body time to recup.( which would explain the lack of soreness i usually get). Anyway, just thought id share my 7 straight day workout plan(that will be my last).