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    back injury ever going away?

    I have been away from the gym for the past 8 days. 8days ago after squats my back was in terrible pain, normaly never had this b4 but I was finishing off more than I usualy do for my last set(normaly 430 but this time went for 470). So anyways I still have the pain right now... It's not as bad as it was, I'm predicting it will subside in the next few days(hopefully). I'm almost definate it will go away but lets say that it doesn't, then what?
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    well i think it would go away but if it doesnt then id go see a doc

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    If it doesn't go away get an MRI done. Take it from me, don't screw around with the back.

    Hope it gets better. Good luck.

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    It's quite obvious that you did too much weight, just take a full week or two off see what happens. Is the pain in the mid lower back? If so you most likely misaligned a vertebrae in the lumbar region which is L1-L5. A good chiropractor can do wonders if that is the reason..

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    Back injuries are no fun.. I had to take a month off then 3 months off of squats and deads.. It still gets stiff in the lower region.. but the chiropracter takes care of that!

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