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    Measuring body parts

    how often do you guys measure parts..bicpes, quads, calves? etc.. do you do it regularly? when u switch up routines? just looking for some ideas.. when i was on cycle about 4 months ago my biceps were 17 1/2" and i have gotten more lean and feeling bigger lately, so i measured them again today..i broke 18"!! im excited about that! at my height some people say that its awesome..the only thing tho that sucks is my calves are only 15 1/2" !ouch

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    I know the feelin' bro. I try not to measure body parts to often because If I didn't make the gain I thought I did It would discrourage me, But Sometimes you just got to know.

    And Congrats on breakin' the 18"!!!!!!!

    The Calves will come just like the bi's did!!!!

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    It's funny this came up, I just bought a nice new retractable tape today. I previously measured every few weeks, or on a day when I thought I look exceptionally big. Now that I have this new one I can measure in in seconds with perfect acuracy. I will probably measure every day and drive my self crazy.

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    I just listen to people say are you working out! Numbers can be misleading and is not indicative to a healthy body. But congrats on the 18" .

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    I also think numbers are misleading. I have this A$$ in my gym who thinks he is soo big. He does have big arms but they are in no way,shape or form as good, IMO, as mine. I do not brag or tell him my opinion but he is a fat ass with probably 19 inch arms, but they arent defined at all. I have 17 in arms and well define, so yeah, i think numbers are definitely misleading. I would also drive myself crazy with the measuring tape. Thats why i dont have one, but i do get checked every other month.

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