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    question about my back injury...

    2 weeks ago I hurt my upper back doing squats, yesterday it was still hurting but barley so I decided to workout yesterday. In between my 1st exercise and my 2nd I went over to the heavy bag and started punching it and what not, I went to kick with my right leg and as my right leg was completely extended I felt this wierd pain in my lower left back, man was it painful way more painful than the other pain. It hurts like crap to go from siting to standing up and I don't understand really how my lower left back went out from a right kick?!?!? Besides this has never happend to me b4.

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    Well if you are injured you should give it time to heal otherwise you will get into the sh!t like you did. Go see a Physiotherapist and have it checked out

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    everything you do affects your back.. its your core..the leg seems to work as a lever to pull the muscle or bone or man..dont mess with back me

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    Gotta agree with Decadbal.....Don't mess wit da back. If it continues to hurt get it checked right away. Ignoring it could cause way bigger prob's down the road.

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