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    need help with lower chest workout!!

    Hey, guys just started workin out, not on nothin too hard just some d-bol, methyl-1 test, and just stated takin nolvadex a week ago. . my upper chest is hard and formed but lower chest has fat, can't seem to get rid of it. got any good workouts to get rid of? thanx guys

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    Not a well known name.
    Only thing that will get rid of fat is diet and cardio.

    As for building muscle in your lower chest, regular benches are fine, declines aren't necessary.

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    Thats a really, REALLY $hitty cycle bro... when people say you need test in a cycle with dbol they mean TEST... not m1t. Injectable testosterone .

    And if you just started working out, you dont need steroids for at least 2 years anyway, you can make tremendous gains naturally if you concentrate on perfecting diet and training.

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    Agree with aandf. See if you can build muscle naturally first. This requires alot of trial and error on your part. Why waste money on gear when you have no idea what works for you. That goes for your diet as well.
    But to answer your question diet and cardio and flat, decline presses. Im a fan of hitting the muscle from different angles.

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