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    legs routine critique

    not too experienced with legs and wonderin if someone could lend a helpn hand

    my essential goal is to work my legs to the point that will give good stimulation for my body to send growth signals so my natural growth hormone production increases and my natural testosterone production increases...

    i usually do

    squats - 4 sets of 10 to 5 reps (and 2 warm up sets)
    leg press - 4 sets for each leg
    lying leg curls - 4 sets each leg
    leg extensions 3 sets each leg

    just wondering if anyone could gimme help, thanks

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    I would do squats for 10-15 reps instead of 5-10. And i would drop the extensions, not a mass exercise, and place in a calf exercise for 4 sets instead. And maybe do 15-20 rep sets for leg press at the end of the workout. Order i would use: squats, hamstring curls, calf raises, leg press. Your legs should be worked from that if you do it with good form and high intensity.

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    I see no reason for leg presses if you are doing squats.

    It's the same movement and your legs recognize that as over-training.

    Just my $.02............


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    Depends on what your goals are. I wouldn't just stick to that. Change it up. Deadlifts, lunges, lunge/step-up combo, calves ect, back extentions, ect.

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