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    dead lifts for the back or for legs?

    ive been getting mixed opinions on this..

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    stiff leg= hamstrings
    deadlift(sumo or regular)= back
    I guess doing stifflegs, some people may emphasis their back during the exercise, thus counting it as a back exercise. Dont know why they would though, as you get more benefit using heavier weights with regular or summo style deads. If you can do sets of 6-8 using 405lbs for regular deads, i doubt you can do the same doing stifflegs.

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    Swellin Guest
    Deads work everything. The best way to utilize them is to do them on back day (unless doing SLD's...they are for hammies). You can't give squats and deads their requisite intensity by doing them on the same day. If you go balls out on one, you won't be able to do the other.

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    Yeah I do them On back day. As for your question its kinda like asking if Shoulder press really works your delts or Tri-ceps. It does both but Triceps are not the goal.

    Who ever is insisting that Deadlifts be done on leg. EIther cant Deadlift sh!t!!! Or doesnt care to do so!

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