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    Please check out my 3 set routine

    If I'm doing 5 exercises a session, is 3 sets enough for each exercise?

    Here's my workout: (Workouts A and B alt. every week) I will increase the poundage each set.

    Workout A

    Day 1 Mon

    Incline dumbell press 10,8,6
    Flat flys 10,8,6
    Side lateral raises 10,8,6
    Overhand pushdowns 10,8,6
    4 way neck machine 3x10

    Day 2 Weds

    Deads 4x5
    Reverse hyperextensions 10,8,6
    Leg extensions 10,8,6,
    Cable side bends 10,8,6
    Reverse forearm curls 10,8,6

    Day 3 Fri

    Close grip or Underhand lat pulldowns 10,8,6,
    Straight arm pulldowns 10,8,6
    Seated reverse flys 10,8,6
    Incline dumbell curls 10,8,6
    Reverse ez bar preacher curls 10,8,6

    Workout B

    Day 1 Mon

    Flat dumbell press 10,8,6
    Seated front raises or seated dumbell press 10,8,6
    Incline flys 10,8,6
    Rope pushdowns 10,8,6
    Underhand pushdowns 10,8,6

    Day 2 Weds

    Squats 4x5
    Leg curls 10,8,6
    Calve raises 10,8,6
    Kneeling cable crunches 10,8,6
    Behind the back forearm curls 10,8,6

    Day 3 Fri

    Seated rows 10,8,6
    Wide grip lat pulldowns 10,8,6
    Seated rotator cuffs exercise 10,8,6
    Incline hammer curls 10,8,6
    Shrugs 10,8,6

    Mon start A again

    I'm 25 years old 6' 220 with a little gut on me. I'm kinda just getting back into lifting after a couple of years.
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    I would comment, but i think i already did on another board???????

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