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    what do u think of this aerobics

    Exercise Option: Treadmill

    Interval 1: Warm up with a light jog for 2 minutes until your blood starts to flow.

    Interval 2: Pick up the pace to the point where you are breathing a little - maintain for 1 minute.

    Interval 3: Increase your pace slightly. Your breathing should steadily increase and you will begin to feel your muscles getting warm, this means you have got the blood flowing- maintain for 1 minute.

    Interval 4: Again, increase your pace slightly. At this points you should be breathing fairly heavy, maintain here and push through it- sustain this pace for 1 minute.

    Interval 5: Increase your pace again. This should be an extremely fast pace for you and continuing at this pace will be a challenge. Remember that you are working out intensely to get results- maintain for 1 minute. Now start back at Interval 2. Do this process 4 times.

    Note: During your fourth cycle you should try to push through your comfort zone while performing interval 5. This is where you will improve. Push as hard as you can.

    20- Minute Aerobic Solution
    Minutes: Interval:

    2 1
    1 2
    1 3
    1 4
    1 5

    then u keep repeating intervals 2 thru 5 until u get to 20 minutes

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    I got confused just looking at all that mess whats the point? Bottom line is getting your target heart rate and that is simple.

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    It's a HIIT pattern.

    I prefer 65-75% MHR for a good 45 mins.



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