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    Pain in my feet??

    Recently I've gone up quite a bit of weight in standing calf raises, on the machine I'm usually doing the whole stack of weights, or close, where not long ago I was only doing about half the stack.

    I can lift the weight, but after three sets of them, I can hardly stand up. The middle of my foot hurts BAD, it feels almost like the bones in my feet are about to snap in half, although I'm sure that's not really the case.

    What could be causing this? Tendonitis perhaps? I've been really accelerating on my calves, I hate to back off them now.

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    Could be anything but if it continues you need to seek help. Drop the weight too untill you know. As a guess it could be gout a crytalized sodium in the joints and tendons. Or Planta Fascillitis again some form of tendonitis.

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    I get the same thing doing seated calf Raises but its usually right at the end... it feels as if the arch in my foot is going to crack. I think you jst need better arch support in your shoes.

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