Has anyone ever tried a routine like the following. I got some great help in the diet board and now I need some routine ops. My body always felt ready for another workout at 4 or 5 days so I am doing this routine right now.

Monday: Squat- 3 sets 5-8 reps
Deadlift- 2 sets 5-8
Lat pulldown- 2 sets 5-8
BB row- 2 sets 4-6
1 arm row- 1 set 8 reps
db trap shrug- 2 sets 8-10

Wednsday: incline BB press- 2 sets 5-8
flat db press- 1 set 6 reps
db pullover- 1 set 8 reps
behind neck press- 2 sets 6-8
db military- 1 set 8 reps
side lateral- 2 sets 8-10
bb curl- 2 sets 6-8
close bench- 2 sets 6-8
tri press down- 1 set 8 reps
wrist curl- 1 set 8 reps

Friday: repeat mondays w/o

Monday: repeat Wednsdays w/o..........

Tried it for a week and my strength is unreal with the lower volume. I am cutting at 200 pounds with around 2400 calories. I do no calve work becasue 4-5 times a week I walk with a 25-30 pound backpack and it SLAMS my calves, besides the biggest my calves ever got was when I did not work them for 2 months. Any suggestions on this routine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Oh yeh, I am natural but have my eating close to perfect for me with glutamine, vitamins and so on. I sleep 8 hours a night and try for a 1 hour nap at around 3 or 4 in the pm. Thinking of moving the bb curls to the back/leg day.