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    need help on new workout routine j/c what everybody else does?

    I have been lifting for about 4 good years now and i have done back and bis chest and tris and shoulders... and something shoulders with legs...then i switch to one muscle group a day. Im j/c if some of you can give me your routine. I would be very interested in trying im trying to make my workout more exciting and intense. I seem to get a pump after lifting most of the time but i leave the gym feeling i can do more and wanting more anyobyd know of anything more intense and switch it up a little thank. im 20 y/o currently on a test and deca stack 11.9% bodyfat and weight 190.Oh ya real quick if im gaining mass how much cardio do i wanna do a week and b4 workout or after workout. Thank i really appreciate it

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    You need more leg volume. Its good that your training your upper body, but your essentially missing out on all the adaptations and growth your lower half would easily give you if you began to work it hard. Legs release the most gH, back is second in gH release and then there are chest and shoulders next, with calves, biceps, traps and forarm muscles rounding out the other muscle groups.

    Here's my basic routine (constantly being altered) for this week:

    Monday - chest/tri's
    Tuesday - back/bi's
    Wednesday - rest
    Thursday - quads/hams/calves
    Friday - (front/side/rear)deltoids/traps
    Saturday - rest
    Sunday - rest

    If you really want to know the details about my current stats, lift #'s or which exercises i use to stimulate growth, then just post somewhere in workout or supplement forum with my name in the title, thats were i spend most of my viewing time.

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