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    Overtraining Traps

    okay i use to do traps 1 time a week, and they didnt grow so now i changed to every 3 days, and im just doing behind back bb 2 set 10, 2 set 10 infront bb, and then end with 3 set of 12 dumbells. everytime i do this the next day my traps are extrememly sore. i really do not think my traps have ever been this sore, so do u think i should keep this routine up??? they are lagging because i did not work them that much at first, stupid mistake. i wouldnt think i was overtraining because i rest 3 full days and if i feel even a bit sore i will skip an extra day.. any comments or suggestions?????

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    how much do you deadlift?

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    its pretty hard not to hit your traps more than once if you do the typical exercises.

    they get hit indirectly a lot.

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    you are resting the 48-72 hours and a lot of people "think" that is sufficient but there really is no reason to train them anymore than what you should be doing on back day. Go heavy if you are trying to get them to grow, keep adding weight and get some straps if you need them, heavy and low reps, really never heard of anyone trying to build endurance in their traps.

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    You know if you are overtraining your traps if you are no longer improving and you are actually starting to decrease the amount of work performed. What I mean by this is, as long as you improve from your last workout, you are making progress. This could be reps, sets, lbs., etc. If you have plateaued and start to decrease your work performed, then you are overtraining the traps.

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    Do You Deadlift?
    I Deadlift on back day and I'm sore 2 maybe 3 days after, Deadlift DESTROYS my traps...

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