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    cutting workouts

    Does anyone have a link or file ith some good ideas for cutting workouts. The ones I have found on here havent been useful . I am just looking for a routine cutting program with lifting (5 days) and cardio (3 days) per week as an example.

    I need help with reps, weight, to approach cutting ??

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    My workouts are no different, my diet is.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    My workouts are no different, my diet is.

    Me too. I train heavy (maybe heavier) when cutting. There are reasons that high reps do not get you cut or burn fat. One has been beaten to death, which is: Less Stimulus = Less Response. If you send your muscles a weaker signal, they will adapt by atrophy. The other being, high reps will produce lactic acid. Lactic acid inhibits lipolysis, so you will not burn fat by doing high reps. Plus it is anaerobic, and fat cannot be oxidized anaerobically. Let the diet and cardio rid you of excess fat.

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