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    Question about cutting workout

    Im relatively new to steroids and but Ive done my research and asked numerous friends of mine who have been on them and my question is this ...
    Im 20 yrs old 5"10 185 lbs with about 17-20 % body fat one me as of right now and I am about to start my first ever cycle with Deca -300 ... i plan not to stack anything on top of it solely becasue im not looking to become phenomenoly huge im looking to gain about 20-25 lbs of muscle while trying to get a cut look for my muscles. I do plan on taking vitamins to head my body process the Deca better but nothing like test or anything. Could anyone give me some workout tips on how to get the results i want without being to bulky to wear my muscles are not defined ..... a good weekly Cardio plan and weight lifting plan would help a great deal ... thanks

    Also to throw this out Ive always been Athletic and have been told i have a athletes heart/slight heart murmor .... so what are some concerns about over training my self with DECA ... Also I take Adderol for ADD and was wondering if that could have an effect of how much is to much when over exerting my self in the weight room

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    What's with all the Deca only cycles?

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    OMG.. Don't take deca only search the steroid forums! If you want to cut winny is a better one to run. Search the steroid forums

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    omg dont take any gear if your 17-20% bf not a flame just saying get your diet and workouts right before you get chemically enhanced

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    Getting Fat
    I don't understand. You other posts says that you are going to wait until you develop your body and research more before taking AAS. I would strongly advise that!
    Anyhow, I replied to the other thread~

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