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    After Listening to the forum ....

    Im 20 yrs old 5'10 185 17-20 % B/F Ive decided that im not gonna do my first cycle till i work on my overall body size .... so in saying that can anyone give me a good work out plan to shed my body fat down ... i know i need a lot of cardio which ive already started with 45 mins on a bike everyday and a mile on the tredmill ..... but can somebody try to give me some other things i might need to do to help myself out to get a more leaner look ... obviously i know i need a better diet which im starting to with a lot of protein in my plan .... so if any one could work up some kind of mini schedule for me to follow that would help a lot .. thanks
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    it helps when u post alot of info, like what u do thru the day and so on..

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    daily routine

    I wake up go to class and get out around 4pm then MWF i do chest biceps triceps .... T-TH I do back shoulders and legs ... like calf extensions ... but everyday i plan on doin atleast an hour of combined cardion .. about 30-45 mins on a bike and then 15- 30 mins joggin on tred .. about a mile and a half give or take on the tred

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    do lots of cardio

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    get your diet on point all will be well and if i am reading from screen name right you go to LSU so it has to got to be hard to stay away from the beer but that would help also i love baton rouge

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    Getting Fat
    Basic Rules:
    Cardio in the a.m. 30-60 minutes at target heart rate range.
    Refuel throughout the day, go to the diet forum to learn how.
    Stay heavy to maintain all muscle.
    Good Split (as there are thousands)
    PWO nutrition asap (again "diet forum")
    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrWigglesLSU
    MWF i do chest biceps triceps .... T-TH I do back shoulders and legs ... like calf extensions ...
    3 Times in 5 days is way too much. You would definitely see better results doing things once every 5-7 days. The most common 3 day split is Chest / Shoulders / Tris, Back / Bis, Legs. Search here for a routine. Also, if you can, do light cardio first thing in the morning, and follow the cutting sticky. If you do this religiously and don't cheat the fat will fall off in no time. You're determination will determine your success.

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