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    bent bar curls. What are they?

    Hi all,

    i have seen on a few training routines the following exercise bent bar curls. could some one tell me if this is a proper exercise or a type error if it is an exercise how do you do them and what are the benefits

    bye for now

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    I believe they are talking about the curl bar itself. I believe that the "bent" bar is just for those who have trouble with lifting the straight bar due to comfort or injury. Some people use it because they believe it will help because of the different angle. I personally use the straight bar for most everything and believe that it does as well as anything.

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    Canada eh
    its reffered to as the EZ curl bar as well or Preacher curl bar!

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    there are different types of EZ bars as well. i use it for something different or if I have a pain in my forearm.

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    It's when you go real heavy and the bar bends when you curl it. Happens all the time to me.
    Yes, they are EZ bar, Preacher Curl bar, or Cambered bar.

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    It's when u go to a club on Friday, hit the bar, and get BENT!


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