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    Info really needed!!! help please

    okay for the next 14 weeks im gonna start my bulk diet and lifting routine, but heres where i need help. I know that im gonna put on some fat when i do this which i am perfectly fine with cause i want try and put as much muscle on as i can iin those 14 weeks and i know some fat will come wityh it. But when the 14 weeks is up i wanna try and loose as much fat as possible and try to maintain most of the muscle and strength that i ihave put on. So i was looking for some idea's on a work out tthat covers a lifting program, deit and cardio. i was thinking about doing body for life but im not sure. I could really use alot of help here guys so please give me alot of info
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    Getting Fat
    The diet is already planned out for you in the diet forum.
    Cardio is optional when bulking.
    Cardio should be done upon awakening (40- minutes @ appropriate intenisty).
    Refuel with the diet stickie throughout the day.
    Construct your own split, reps, sets, exercises, rest and will critique it.

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