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    Training progress

    Training progress


    Im freakin stoked with my training this week and thought i might share my ethusiasm with you all. Now remember im a bb'er, so dont critize my routine please. Anyway here we go:
    Monday: chest
    1.flat bench db: 4. hammersmith incline:
    50lb x 20(warmup) 1 45lb/side x 12
    70lb x 15(warmup) 2 45lb/side x 10
    110lb x 12(work set) 3 45lb/side x 8
    120lb x 10(work set) 5. High pulley crossovers:
    130lb x 8 (work set) 50lb x 12
    2.incline db 60lb x 12
    85lb x 12(work set) 70lb x 10
    95lb x 10(work set)
    110lb x 7 drop set--
    60lb x 8
    3.flat bench db flys
    30lb x 15
    35lb x 15
    40lb x 13

    Tuesday: quads
    1.Smith machine squats
    135 x 20(warmup)
    225 x 15(work set)
    315 x 12(work set)
    365 x 10(work set)
    405 x 10(work set)- the hand of GOD helped me out with the last 4. KICKED MY ASS.
    2.Leg press: my gym has 100lb plates
    200 x 20(feel set)
    400 x 15(work set)
    600 x 13(work set)
    800 x 6 drop set-
    400 x 15
    3.Hack squat
    1 45lb/side x 15
    2 45lb/side x 15
    3 45lb/side x 10
    4.Leg extensions
    100lbs x 20(feel set)
    140lbs x 15(work set)
    150lbs x 15(work set)
    170lbs x 15(work set)
    5. abductor machine superset w/ inductor machine
    120 x 15 x 120 x 15
    140 x 12 x 140 x 12

    These two workouts have been top 10 of my best workouts ever. I like to note that all squats were taken to parallel, not past due to a previous knee injury. And before any of you badass PL says anything, i like to note that i only incorporate smith machines every 5th or 6th workout. Last week i completed 8 reps with 365, which is a personal best. I perform full ROM on everything else. I allow 2 minutes b/w sets and 3 b/w exercises. To give you an idea - im 5'11, 205 appro. 10%bf. I've got 10 weeks till my next competition. Since im still pretty lean i want start cutting until 8 weeks in. Thanks for reading and by all means, make some comments. THANX!!!!

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    One BB to another

    Good stuff Bro

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    Getting Fat
    Congratulations, good to hear that you are making progress.
    Keep pumpin~

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    Nice work bro!! Keep it up. Do you have any pic's to post? You'll have to keep us updated on how the contest goes and your diet before. Good luck with the contest.

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