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    LIFTING 4x CARDIO 3x..too much?

    JUst wondering what you guys think here. My split right now is im lifting mon chest /bis, wed back/traps, fri delts/tris, sun hams/quads. Giving myself a full day off after each training day except for sun-mon. ANyways, my question is that its hard for me to do cardio after these days, so im wondering if i do cardio on tues thurs and sat if thats ok, or if im still gonna be taxing my immune system too much because basically, i will be doing some sort of training everyday. Thanks fellas

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    you shouldnt do bicepts w/ chest, JMHO

    you should do it with back and tri's after chest

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    I don't care what anybody says there no right or wrong way. I done Chest/Bi's and Chest/Tri's. Personally I like doing a push/pull in the same workout, just do different exercises every week. I doing the same schedule as you are, and it work fine for me. Currently doing Chest/Tri's on Monday, Cardio on Tues., Back/Bi's on Wed., Cardio on Thur., Shoulders/Tri's on Fri., Cardio Sat., Legs/Bi's on Sun. It works great for me keep it up

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    i tried bi's with back and the pulling motion on back exercises makes my bi's so much more tired that i cant lift the same weight as when i do chest and bi's. I like to work opposing muscles so that i have rest in between each exercise. I know that if i do back/tris the day before my chest and bi my bench sucks cause my tris are tired. everyone is different.

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    Getting Fat
    Put the cardio in the morning, eat all day and then lift later on.

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