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    Please critique my workout

    Can you guys please critique my workout? Monday: Chest, shoulders, calves. Bench Press 4@6, 1@3 ( 5 sets total )
    Incline Dumbell Bench 1@10,1@9,1@
    Flat Dumbell Fly 1@12,1@12,1@8

    Standing Calf Raise 1@20, 1@20, 1@20
    Seated Calf Raise Toes pointing Out 3@15

    Alternating Standind Side Lateral Raise 3@10
    Rear Delt Machine 3@12
    Upright Row 2@10, 1@9

    Tuesday: Legs, Abs

    Squat 4@10
    Dumbell Lungee1@11,1@9,1@8
    Leg Press Toes Pointed Out 3@12
    Stiff Leg Deadlift 3@10
    Lying Leg Curl 3@12

    Incline Sit Up 3@25
    Leg Lift 3@20
    Oblique Crunch 3@20

    Wednesday : Off

    Thursday: Arms, Calves, Forearms

    Close Grip Bench 3@7
    Skull Crusher 3@9
    Pressdown 3@12

    Alternate Standing Dumbell Curl 2@10, 1@6
    Seated Incline Hammer Curl 3@10
    Concentration Curl 2@10

    Standing Calf Raise 3@20
    Seated Calf Raise Toes Out3@15

    Reverse Wrist Curl 3@15
    Wrist Curl 3@20

    Friday: Off

    Saturday: Back, Abs

    Underhand Pull Up 3@10
    Barbell Row 3@10
    Lat Pulldown to Front3@10
    Deadlift 1@10, 3@8
    B. Shrug 4@15

    Bicycle 3@30
    Incline Sit Up 3@25
    Oblique Crunch3@20

    Sunday Off, Monday repeat cycle. I usually make changes every 3 weeks. Different excercises, shorter/longer rest between sets, diffewrent order of excercises, always try to do more weight/reps each workout etc. Keep in mind that I have not started my AAS cycle yet. Any help would be greately appreciated, thanks.

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    I forgot to mention I am bulking with this workout. I also for got to say that I warm up each bodypart with 2@8. Any suggestions on this routine?

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