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    the gym

    Would you hit back or just 40 minutes of cardio today?

    I missed my back workout this week, we had an ice storm and the fuc*in gym was closed on my back day, so my whole workout schedule got thrown off. Tomorrow is Chest and triceps. Is it going to kill me to miss back this week? The reason I'm asking is because I'm afraid if I do it today I will be drained for chest tomorrow, chest being a weaker point than back, back is thick as hell compared to chest. I thought of just hitting up some cardio and considering it a skipped week. Would you guys do that, or maybe just hit it light tonight, then heavy next Wednsday

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    na you should be alright just hit it hard next time. i actually found out that giving ur body a week off everyone once in a while is really good. JMO

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