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    Buddies insane routine?

    Ran in to an old high school buddy playing college baseball. He is trying to lose some body fat and build his muscles up, I know, I know, imp. to do. Any way he told me his routine and I flipped. He is natural at 5'11" and is 192 pounds. He has been lifting for 3 years or so. Here is his split, I just thought I could post it for some feedback.

    He has no days, he does something everyday until he gets birned then he takes 2 days off.

    bike/jog/walk am Flat chest/Horizontal pull in pm
    same cardio Sprinting in pm
    Same cardio Shoulders/arms/traps in pm
    Same cardio baseball speed work in pm
    same cardio Incline chest/vertical pull in pm
    same cardio hills in pm
    same cadio legs in pm
    Cycle starts all over. He says he has been 9 weeks straight doing this and he is natural. **** genetics. He says the cardio and the weight are about 45 minutes each and he low carbs except around workouts and eats around 2000 a day pre season and 2700 in season.

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    If i did legs one day, i certainly would not be able to sprint 2 days after. Your friend isn't hitting his legs hard enough if he can sprint 48 hours after leg day.

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    ya hes not going all out, cause theres no way he could do legs that soon after doing them.

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    I can hardly walk after a good leg workout, let alone sprint the day after lol

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