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    Hows This Lookin Guys

    IM 6FT 223LB looking 2 drop down to about 210-215 and frim up i bit

    Mon-Fri = carido 45min first thing in the morning empty stomach

    Sun= chest and bi
    Mon= back
    Wen= shoulder and tri
    FRI= double up on chest or back
    abs everyday

    dose this sound good for what im lookin for ????

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    I don't think there is a need to train a major muscle group like chest or back twice a week. (providing it is done right the first training session)

    I may also work abs every other day. (Thats just me though)


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    I Don't reccomend abs everyday... Cardio's good thats what I am doing right now.. Personally I would say Chest and Tri's, Back and Bi's, Off, Legs, Off, shoulders.... but it depends on your excersises including sets and reps, perhaps you should elaborate on that

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    do your tri workout after your chest routine, and do your bi workout after your shoulder routine. i say this for these reasons;

    1)since your working your bi's before your back routine, if you were going all out and hitting your bi's hard, the next day your row's would suffer in your back routine, leaving you with a non stable back workout (bi's play a major role when doing any rowing excercise in your back routine). if your not doing any rowing in your back workout, then start, make sure you have deads in there, but rowing is a must for the development of a wide/thick back.

    2) since most chest excercises involve alot of tricep, none of the excercises for chest that your most likely going to do, are going to exert your triceps to a 'fatigued' feeling. meaning, by the time your have done say, 4 sets on bench, 4 sets on db press, and 4 sets on flies, your triceps will still have ample amount of energy left in them to still hit them balls to the wall. working tricep on on chest, allows both muscle groups to cope with the increase in poundages in each excercise better. which is why we(most powerlifters) always incorporate a tricep routine after a heavy chest routine.

    3)try it like this ;
    Sun= chest and tri
    Mon= back/traps
    Wen= shoulder and bi
    FRI= off

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