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View Poll Results: Which exercise do you think is better for the front delts?

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  • Seated dumbell shoulder press

    7 63.64%
  • Seated dumbell front raises

    4 36.36%
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    Which exercise do you think is better for the front delts?

    Which exercise do you think is better for the front delts?

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    Not a well known name.

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    Getting Fat
    Shoulder Presses

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    DB shoulder presses if done on a slight incline otherwise they hit the medial (lateral)head more NOT the anterior head which is your front. Presses much better for overall delt development.

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    shoulder press

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggression
    Which exercise do you think is better for the front delts?
    bro, the day that you can mil press 315, you will not have small undefined shoulders. all raises do is prolong recovery and wont do much for develpement.jmo
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    You're wasting your energy on using a defining movement like front dumbell raises. They're fun, they make your muscles bulge while you're lifting and they make some people look like they're dancing when they cheat so much that they have to swing the dumbells up to use momentum to get them up (decrease the weight and do the movement with strict, slow movement you dancing dumbass). But, they won't really help you grow. But I digress...

    If you want your front delts to grow, then focus on basic movements such as military press, dumbell press and incline bench (shoulders are worked as the secondary muscle group in this exercise). If you want to grow, throw out the detail/definition exercises (sucha as front dumbell raises) and spend more time using heavy weight on the BASIC movements.

    You can slighly change what part of the shoulder is hit by changing the line of motion of the dumbells during presses. if you want to murder your front delts, try this:
    1. Use an adjustable incline bench.
    2. Set the bench so the back is straigh up, then tilt it back one or two notches from being straight, so that the bench is now at a SLIGHT incline.
    3. Do Arnold Presses (swinging the dumbells togeher in front of you after each over head press) OR do regular dumbesll presses keeping the line of motion slightly infront of the plane created by your head and shoulders.

    Make sure you do not tilt the bench back so far that it becomes an upper chest exercise.

    For the top and rear delts: keep the bench in the same position or in the absolute vertical position and move the dumbell line of motion back so that it is in the same plane as your head and shoulders

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