Well i started the new workout with minor modifications here and there so i wanna run it thoruhg one more time see if anyone has an opinion on it.
-mon legs/calves
squats 4x8 (one warm up)
hamstring curl 3x8
seated claf raises 3x8
standing claf raises 3x8
quad extension 4x8

-Tue Chest Bi
BB inclines 4x8 ( one warm up)
DB flat bench 3x8
Fly 3x8
Hammer curl 3x8
BB curl 3x8


-Thurs Back Tri
wide grip pull up 3x8
Deads or rack pull (haven;t decided yet) 4x8 (2 warm ups)
Close grip seated row 3x8
skull crusher 3x8
pushdowns 3x8
Dips 2 burnout

-Fri shoulder trap
Military press 3x8 (1-2 warm ups)
side raises 3x8
upright row 3x8
DB one arm shrug 3x8
BB shrug 3x8
*will more then likely add in some pullovers to hit chest a little and maybe 2 sets of some other chest**

i like to kinda chest twice a week sometimes but nothing overboard as to exercises or weight wise..

Cardio will be performed tues/ thurs
Abs mon wed fri (also might hit calves on fri for 1-2 sets burnout)
Also do some minor forearm work on leg day nothing too intense since they get hit with anything involving grip lol...