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Thread: Squatting

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    How is it that I target the glutes the best? Is it on a closed stance? or open V like stance? Also, do the glutes get targeted the most when? When I'm going down or when I pushing the weight back up?

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    I'm not glute expert at al., but I have found in myself that the glutes are inevitably involved with squats to a great extent, whether doing wide-stance or close-stance. However, if I want to target the glutes, I do more lunges. I hate lunges, especially after squats or leg presses because I tend to go heavy and my quads are trashed, which may be a good thing because it forces more glute strength to push back into the beginning position.

    Do you do any stiff-legged dead-lifts? I'm blessed in the big-butt department - large & thick lower trunk area, so I haven't had much problem developing my glutes. Always concentrate on feeling the squeeze in the glute area no matter what exercise you're doing. Hell, I don't know what people call them, but when you lay on your stomach and bend over the bench, and then raise your torso into a parallel position (kind of like good-mornings, only lying on your stomach) - when I do those, I concentrate on squeezing my glutes and those work well for me. Depending on where you are and when you implement them in your workout, you may not need any extra weight except body weight.

    Just thinking about it theoretically (my own concocted opinion, of course), I'd say that most of the glute work comes throughout the whole push section of the lift. Sure, at different points in the lift are the glutes more apparent, but it may be slightly different for different people. How strong are your quads? How strong are your hams? Variables always have an effect.

    If doing leg presses, when the weight comes to the 'rest' point before you extend back to the beginning position, try to imagine that you are starting the push with the glutes, and not the quads. I know, it's mental, but for some it works. It's similar to guys using a lot of shoulder pull when doing standing curls. Very simple analogy - not even technically correct, but hey, some things work better for others. Always try new techniques carefully. And concentrate on the muscle group you're trying to "hit". Feel the burn there. Does what works best for you.

    Hopefully more guys on here will contribute. I'm no expert powerlifter, but I know what works for me.

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    If you're looking to pack on mass to your glutes, go with heavy deadlifts, squats, leg presses, etc. Whenever you get a lot of hip extension, in your leg exercise, you be targeting the glutes and hamstrings. When squatting, if you keep your trunk more vertical, you will have more quad activity. If you trunk is at a 45 degree angle, the hamstrings and glutes will perform more of the action. At the bottom of the squat is where you will really feel the glutes and hamstrings working.

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