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    Please Critique My Workout

    ........Well Part of it.....

    Im looking at changing up my workout and the parts im looking at at the moment are my neck, biceps & Triceps

    what do you think to these

    inclined “Old Skool” Shrugs = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Calf Machine Shrugs = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Cable Behind Back Shrugs = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Standing Dumbbell shrugs = to failure

    Animal ( Lying ) Cable Curls = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Seated Barbell Curls = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Standing Wall Curls = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Easy Bar Preacher Curls = to failure

    French Presses = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Wide Grip Pushdowns = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Rope Pressdowns = 3 sets @ 8,6,4 reps
    Overhead Rope Extensions = to failure

    obviously these arnt done on the same days. im just trying to get your opinions

    cheers bro's

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    I'll tell you what. I dont to fancy on what i do. I mostly stick to simple things like barbell shrugs and dumbell shrugs. On biceps on most do hammer curls, straight bar curls either standing up or on the preacher bench and reverse curls. and for tri's I mostly do skull crushers-eithe on a decline bench, incline, or a flat bench and I also do close grip barbell press, every once in ahwhile I might do some weighted dips or pushdowns. The thing i change up the most is weight, rest time between sets and reps.

    for traps I do 4 sets of burn outs
    for tris I do 6 working sets once per week
    for bis I do the same as tris

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