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Thread: back questions

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    back questions

    Well for added mass to the back do you guy's prefer stiff legged or bent leg deadlifts... Also a question on cable rows... I keep my back in the same upright position and I was watching about 5 other dudes using their momentum or abs or something swaying back and forth I thought maby I was doing them wrong or is it them doing them wrong???

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    I like doing stiff legged to hit back.

    For rows just go all the way forward, pull back with arms and back until you're in the upright position.

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    Stiff legged hit my hams way way way harder than they do my lower back. Regular deadlifts all the way for mass.

    I keep upright during cable rows, because it's not enough weight to really work your lower back, so why bother using momentum? That just cheats your upper back. You have to do less weight, but after all you're here to work your muscles, not your ego.

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