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Thread: BACK to the gym

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    BACK to the gym

    So i havent been in the gym for over a month..........Im coming back this week. My trainer also was reloacted and he used to write up my excersises...How do you group your muscle properly...Id appreciate it if somone could write me out maonth routines for chest back and ect doesnt matter i just need help

    Thx in advance

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    dont got that much time bro, (obv heading to gym)

    if your goal is bulking try this for chest:

    incline barbell or flat barbell- warmup,12,10,8,6

    dumbell press or incline dumbell press- warmup,12,10,8,6

    (if you do incline barbell, dont do incline on dumbell)

    weighted dips or dumbell pull overs - warmup, 12,10,10

    machine or dumbell flyes- warmup, 15,15,10


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