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    Climbing stairs to spur calf growth?

    I'm just looking for some opinions on stair climbing as a form of cardio that could help my calves grow at the same time. My quads grow easily and I'm happy with my current size, but my calves still have not grown much.

    Anyway...there is a set of stairs with about 200 steps on a pretty steep incline at a forest preserve near me. Would going to these stairs and doing them till im burnt out help my calf development any? Say 3X a week?

    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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    there are step climbers at the gym. try those cause they will give your calves a good burn and best form of cardio IMO as my experience from wrestling.

    if you wanna do the steps outside (sounds cool on a nice day) invest in a weighted vest. i forget how much they cost (not that much) but they work great.


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    I think stairs are probably a good way to bulid your calves. But you haven't tryed calves raises(that usually builds them)?

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    I find that the time under load for calves is usually significantly less than for other muscle groups. This is because of the short range of motion, yes, you can go from one extreme to the other (dorsiflexion to plantarflexion). Therefore, I feel it is upmost important to increase time under load/tension. The best way I have found to do this, is isometric holds at full plantarflexion. Each rep I would hold 3-5 seconds. You will need to go lighter, however, going lighter also ensures "FULL" plantarflexion, which leads to maximal contractions. I wouldn't train this way each time, maybe the first training session, then the second session I would do a normal heavier day. Also, recommend hitting them twice a week~

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    i think if you do calf raises working up to as heavy as possible and holding it at the top of the raise for a couple seconds holds...

    arnold worked up to 1000 lbs and he had amazing calves...


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