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    Exclamation Help Choosing A Routine

    I need some help deciding on which workout routine to use. Here are the stats:

    Age: 22.5
    Height and weight: 1.78m tall, ~70kg (~150lbs)
    Body fat %: ~10
    How long you have been training: training for 6 years, seriously for 2
    Goals: maintenance is a primary goal as well as adding lean mass.
    Current routine: Push/Pull/Legs. I train 2 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, repeat. This makes a 5-day cycle, not constrained by a 7-day week. However with my new job I will have 4 weight training days a week (Mon-Fri, wednesday off)

    I have been training for 6 years so am no newbie, but only the past 2 have been serious so I wouldn’t say I’m advanced. For a couple of years I trained each bp once a week. I started the P/P/L split 4 months ago hitting muscles 1.5x a week. I had both mass/strength gains, but not sure if they were due to the higher frequency or simply the fact that I changed the routine after a plateau. I am currently considering two options
    1. Go back to a 4-day split, hitting muscles once a week
    2. Use a 2-day split each done twice, hitting muscles twice a week

    I have a few concerns about each and wondering what your thoughts were:
    - 4 day split: may not maximize growth potential due to the lower frequency of only hitting muscles once a week.
    - 2 day split: higher frequency and OVERALL volume, but afraid the low volume PER WORKOUT may not be stimulating enough for the muscles.

    Here are the splits:
    4-day split (note that the exercises after the "----" are alternate exercises I will use, changing it up weekly/fortnightly)

    • Incline DB x 4
    • Decline BB x 4 ---------------------------- Decline DB x 4
    • Dips x 3
    • Incline Flyes x 3 -------------------------- Cable Flyes x 3
    • CGBP x 4
    • Reverse grip skullcrushers x 3
    • Rope Pushdowns x 3 ---------------------- V-Bar Pushdowns x 3
    • Abs

    • Squats x 4
    • Legpress x 4
    • Front Squats x 3
    • Lunges x 3 ---------------- Extensions x 3
    • SLDL x 3
    • Lying Leg Curls x 3 -------- Standing Leg Curls x 3
    • Seated Calves x 3
    • Standing Calves x 3

    • BB Rows x 4 ------------------ T Bar Rows x 4
    • Chins x 4
    • One-arm longbar row x 3 ----- One arm DB rows
    • Wide pulldowns x 3
    • BB Curls x 4
    • Hammer Curls x 3
    • Spider Curls x 3 -------------- Incline DB Curls

    • Military Press x 4
    • Laterals x 4 ------------------ Lying laterals x 4
    • Bent laterals x 3 ------------- Cuban Rotations x 3
    • Shrugs x 3
    • Donkey Calves x 3
    • Standing one-legged calves x 3
    • Abs

    It may seem to be quite high volume, but bear in mind that I am changing from a P/P/L split where the overall volume was higher. For example, chest used to be hit for 10 sets but trained 3x in 2 weeks. So instead of 30 sets I now do 28 sets in 2 weeks. Similarly tris were hit for 8 sets a workout and thus 24 sets in two weeks. Now they will be hit for 20 sets in 2 weeks etc.

    2-day split

    Workout A: Legs, Shoulders, Traps
    Squat x 4
    Legpress x 4
    SLDL x 3
    Lying Hamstring Curls x 2
    Seated calf raises x 3
    Standing Calf raises x 3
    Military press x 4
    Side laterals x 3
    BB Shrugs x 3

    Workout B: Chest, Back, Arms, Abs
    Incline DB x 4
    Decline DB x 4
    Chins x 3
    BB Row x 3
    Wide-grip Pulldowns x 2
    BB curls x 3
    Hammer Curls x 2
    Close-grip BP x 3
    Rope Tricep Pushdown x 2

    Comes out to 30 sets per workout. I work quick and intensely so would probably be done in about 40-45 minutes each. I also have workouts C and D with a few alternate exercises for variation, so I do workout A/B on mon/tues, then C/D on thur/fri.

    Any advice/input/feedback appreciated,

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    Try dogcrapp training

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    yea look up DC training like MER said...

    also if you get 30 sets done in 45 minutes you're not resting long enough to be strong on all your sets IMO.

    Where's the deadlifts?

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    Hi Guys,

    About DC - I will look into other types of training later on. The thing is I am starting the new job, and my entire daily routine will change. I will now train in the PM instead of AM, will be at work all day etc. and am not sure how my body will respond. I thus want to keep it fairly simple for the first couple of months (either 2 or 4 day split) and then look into training such as DC, perhaps HST too.

    In terms of timing - I have 60 seconds rest between sets. Is this not enough? I have tried lower (30s) and higher (120 seconds) but I find I can keep the intensity with 60 seconds rest. I also sometimes do things to save time like doing supersets between bis and tris etc. Do you think I should take more rest?

    Oh and about the DL - long-terms back injury prevents me from doing them hopefully in the near future I will be able to add them again.


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