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Thread: My Workout Plan

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    My Workout Plan

    I thought I would post the basics of my workout plan to see if anyone has some comments either good or bad.

    2. BACK + BICEPS
    4. LEGS

    ABS twice a week

    1. Chest I do alone, since it is a fairly big group and I just add the forearms with it. The triceps get worked a little on chest day so I don't work my triceps the next day, I give it at least one day of rest, that's why I do Back and Biceps next in my pattern.

    2.Back I paired with Biceps because the Bi's already get worked extensively on Back day so might as well finish with Bi's as I'm sure most of you do.

    3. Shoulders and Triceps I do together since I feel my triceps being worked to a fair amount on military presses and with the dumbell presses. So I pair these together.

    4. Legs I do alone because I feel like there is to much to work here and I need all the energy I got to do my quads and calves.

    So this is my pattern and I have a rest day after every 3 days of going. So I go 6 times a week. I do about 10-12 sets on just about every muscle group except the bi's which I do 6-7 max after Back.

    I want to get some opinions on anything you guys feel is wrong. And if there is nothing really wrong I would appreciate positive feedback as well.

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    I cant tell you what is right and wrong. I can only tell you that when I paired body parts up that target the same group primary and secondary I could not push the same weight. my muscles felt fatigued and werent growing. For example, i tried this..

    back and biceps- I curled my usual 90lb ez bar but when it came time for military pull ups i couldnt pull my own weight. vice versa too. when i did a few back exercises and then went to curl i was stuck on 70lb preachers.

    I moved to opposite groups 2 times a week and had much more success. also, made sure i did chest before tricep. my bench went way up after switching that too.

    chest, bi
    back, tri
    shoulders, legs

    Now I train 1 part per day and I have increased my weight in all exercises in 2 weeks.

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    1. I wouldnt worry about your forearms(not unless you dont do hammer curl on bi day)
    Do something like traps.I do chest and tri. my tris are already worn so I just do the heavest weight I can.(check your ego at the door) its not how much weight you are doing its how good of a workout you get.
    2. That is what I do it works fine for me. If you do widegrip pullups do them first. Other wise you'll be like fat mike and cant pull yourself up.
    3. I do shoulders and traps.
    4. I also do Legs.

    I dont know if that helps or not. Maybe some of the big dogs can give you a further explanation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brew035
    1. I wouldnt worry about your forearms. Do something like traps

    very true.

    you shouldnt spend a workout on forearms. you hit them with biceps and if you are still concerned you can add them into your bicep routine or do them with abs.

    id also throw in some heavy traps. didnt see any in your posted work out.



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    Well I just did my back and bi workout tonight and tomorrow is shoulders and tri's. However, my triceps are still pretty sore from my last tricep workout (5 days ago). Only reason this is happening is because im in my 2nd week back after a long layoff. Usually 5 days is enough to get started again.

    Do you guys think I should rest for 2 more days until my shoulders and triceps aren't sore. btw, I have nothing else to workout on since everything is sore now, so it would be 2 full days of rest. In 2 days I think the soreness in the tri's will go away.

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    I tend to do my legs on the same day as my shoulders.

    day 1 - chest, tri
    day 2 - back, biceps
    day 3 - shoulder, legs, abd

    I find using this method gives me more recovery time and also if I cant make it to the gym on one day it means i havnt lost much in terms of workout time

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