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    Working out when sore

    If I am a little sore on a specific body part for example my triceps and today is the day I am supposed to work on them, should I still go ahead and work them? I know it is sore because if I raise my arm I feel my triceps hurt a little and stretching it hurts also. This was my first tricep workout in a few months because I just got back into the gym so this is probably why it has been 6 days and it is still sore. Well simply put, today is my triceps day should I workout or rest it another day? I was already supposed to do them yesterday but I was even more sore so I decided to rest, so that is 2 days in a row of resting.

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    I would work them, if they arnt that sore then you should be fine

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    To be honest, I'd work them but many may disagree. I'm in a constant state of soreness, it never ends so If i avoided working out when i was sore, I would never work out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seanw
    I would work them, if they arnt that sore then you should be fine

    yeah. you can never really be 100% not sore

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