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    Need some Delt work here

    I have very broad shoulders with a good amount of mass on them but they lack front/rear width, that rounded look. What are some good free weight excersizes to really destroy my front and rear delts? The only constants in that day for me are seated military press (in front of the head) and shoulder press, and then I rotate in/out 2 others usualy, trying to find something that works. Any suggestions?

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    Upright rows usually kill me, try them. Also do you do front and/or side lateral raises?

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    military press and shoulder press are same compound movent.

    upright rows and lateral raises give me a good burn

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    lol im not telling :D
    Front Plate raises, hold the plate at 10/2 position and flare ur elbows out and push shoulders forward, this will incorp. your rear delts along w/ your front delts.
    Isolated bent over laterals where ur leaning on a bench w/ half ur body keep a straight back and raise dumble out to side and slightly behind you.
    Upright Rows are Pure Rape on Rotator cuff... try it w/ Dumbells, keep an arched back and lean forward as if you were getting redy to squat, you know knees bent and all that krap, as u pull the db's up to ur chest let them move to the outskirts near your armpits to reduce impingment on ur lil rotator cuff.

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    bro il give u my workout plan, iv been doing this for 6 weeks and 1 it hurts like fu(k, and 2 its made my shoulders grow amazingly sicne i startd!

    Seated Dumbbell Press- 4sets
    (superset with lateral holds- hold for 20 seconds then 6 fast reps)
    Incline Seated Front Raises- 3 sets
    (superset with standing front raises- hold for 20 seconds then 6 fast reps)
    Bent Over Rear Lateral Raises- 3 sets
    (superset with reverse flyes on incline bench- hold for 20 seconds then 6 fast reps)

    seriously bro these have given me a great gain in just a few weeks.

    also work your traps like a mofo.

    i do
    upright rows- 4 sets
    Rear Shrugs- 4 sets
    Dumbbell Shrugs- 4 sets

    hope this is of help!

    good luck bro!

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